More evidence suggests the Long Way Up will use the H-D LiveWire

Pictures have surfaced on Instagram showing Ewan McGregor riding a Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle in the run-up to the Long Way Up

Ewan McGregor Long Way Up

PICTURES have surfaced on Instagram showing Ewan McGregor sat astride a blue, adventure spec version of the new LiveWire electric motorcycle. The scene is possibly in preparation for the Long Way Up TV show.


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The images are claimed to be taken in Ushuaia, in the region of Tiera del Fuego in Argentina – the same place that things went very badly wrong for Clarkson and co. during filming for Top Gear! According to local media reports, the team was welcomed into the region , crowds of fans mobbing the Star Wars hero as he arrived at the airport.

One of the pictures posted shows McGregor resting on his bike at the side of the road, with a large lake filling the background and snowcapped mountains rounding out a very picturesque scene.

The other pictures, posted by exploramoto, also give a good insight into what the team has done to the machine to get it ready for the adventure. The bikes look to be fitted with soft panniers to help carry some essentials, while semi-knobbly 60-40 (road/off-road) tyres look to be used on the bikes.

The angle of the rear swingarm in one of the pictures of a bike being refuelled also looks to be much steeper than on the road-going machines of the launch, leading me to believe that it might include a slightly taller rear-shock to handle the rough roads that lie ahead.

Interestingly, ADVPulse report that the team arrived in the country along with some electric vans for ferrying the kit and two internal combustion engine Mercedes Sprinters! It’s thought the Sprinters are being used to ferry conventional generators that can be used to charge up the Harley-Davidson LiveWires – and any other electric support vehicles in the process.

It does make you wonder how environmentally friendly this challenge is actually going to be, doesn’t it?