MonoRacer goes electric, gains EU certificate, laps a MotoGP circuit

The MonoRacer gains electric power to bring the oddball closed-cabin motorcycle right up to date... but you'll certainly have to pay for the privilege!


It has become the staple of various ‘odd motorcycle design’ listicles the world over but in 2020 the curious closed-cabin MonoRacer remains not only alive, but it’s kicking very well too.

The Czech company - which specialises in creating a fully enclosed cabin around a motorcycle - can trace its roots back to the 1980s, but the MonoRacer first rolled off the production line in 2005 as an other-worldly being and a unique interpretation of what ultimately defines two-wheel transport.

Technically, the MonoRacer has four wheels because two come down from the side like landing gear to allow it to remain upright when stationary.

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While the MonoRacer will forever be a niche choice - and at more than 90,000euros you’d have to question exactly whom would want or need this so badly they’d fork out nearly six-figures of cash to do so - the company continued to keep the MonoRacer relevant to the extent it’s poised to get its first EU certification.

That’s because the MonoRacer is now available in electric trim. Named MonoRacer 130E, the firm claims it can go 400kms between charge, while we rather like the point that you can ‘listen to your favourite music with high quality reproductions and enjoy the smooth, powerful and almost noiseless electrical engine’.

We do have questions about the claim - probably lost in translation - a rider (or is it driver?) never having to face a frontal collision because of the cabin’s hardness and egg shape in combination with multi-point safe belts guarantee your safety.

If you’re not convinced yet, check out how it gets on when it tackles the Masaryk Circuit in Brno in what looks to be on or around the recent Czech Republic MotoGP weekend judging by the ad hoardings and TV towers. 

Imagine Valentino Rossi et al catching a glimpse…?