Minimalist Custom Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 | Krom Works

Krom Works motorcycle custom shop, based in Jakarta, Indonesia, has unveiled ‘The 30’ Continental GT 650 at Kustomfest 2019. 

Minimalist Custom Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 | Krom Works

‘The 30’ started life as a Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 but has been stripped back to basics. And the end result is something very unique. 

The machine built is a classic-modern café racer, and a work of Royal Enfield’s collaboration with Krom Works Garage, an Indonesian custom builder, known for its unique inspirations and design.

About 'The 30' Continental GT Cafe Racer

Apart from being stripped - in order to mimic lightweight race machines -‘The 30’ has also had a significant engine tune in order to match its café-to-café race-inspired aesthetic. 

The name of this machine was inspired by the age of the builder and the theme of this years Kustom Fest of 'Back to The Roots'. 

The custom GT retains its minimalist classic character, while combining it with a vision that links both the old and new. The stripped down retro base is complemented by modern USD suspension at the front and a Sachs rear mono-shock, with beefy Brembo disks and Tokiko calipers being installed to bring 'The 30' to a controlled stop. 

It’s finished in chrome plating, matte black and pearl copper colors, which combined looks truly delectable. 'The 30' manifests both the energy of a modern-classic racer and its builder's journey. It simultaneously demonstrates not just of what has been, but of what can be as well.

Vimal Sumbly, Business Head APAC, Royal Enfield, said: “The rich custom culture in Indonesia has been inspiring Royal Enfield for years to collaborate with local talent and create new custom builds every year that we have been unveiling at Kustomfest. Royal Enfield’s simple yet evocative motorcycles make them the perfect canvas for customization, to express the builder’s vision and personality. ‘The 30’ is yet another inspiration story, that reflects the never fading glory of café racers in more than seven decades of its existence, which Royal Enfield brought back in form of the Continental GT 650.”  

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