This mini-Kawasaki H2 custom is more bark than bite... but all charm

A dealership in Japan has transformed a 9PS Kawasaki Z125 Pro into a surprisingly convincing custom inspired by the firm's supercharged H2 sportsbike

Kawasaki Z125 Pro Kawasaki H2

We’ve featured a few nifty customs on Visordown that have started life as a conventional motorcycle and turned into something with plenty of bark, if not the bite… but we reckon this is one of the more convincing from the outset.

A dealership in Japan has gone to great lengths to create its own mini-version of the Kawasaki H2 from the humble beginning of a Kawasaki Z125 Pro, two models in the range that couldn’t get much further apart under the skin.

Created by Pleasure MC Kawasaki in the Aichi Prefecture, the ‘mini-H2’ began life as a naked but has been transformed into a well-judged fully-faired sportbike on the skin, faithfully recreating all of the traits that make the supercharged beast such a head-turner from every angle.

We appreciate the level of detail, from the reconfigured front-end with the central ‘spotlight’, winglets and sunken vents, not to mention the all-important H2 badging. To the side the exposed frame is accentuated, while it even features a recreation of the huge exhaust can and a faux supercharger makes an appearance, even if it doesn’t quite serve the purpose of the original.

Placed alongside the full-fat Kawasaki H2, the mini-version appears surprisingly in-keeping for a custom creation when you consider the uniqueness of the machine it’s aping.

Of course, under that sharp, creased bodywork is where any similarities end. While the H2 boasts a 998cc supercharged four-cylinder bursting with 200HP and 141Nm of peak torque, the Z125 Pro makes do with a 125cc one-pot with a meagre 8HP and 9.6Nm of torque.

Quite the difference, but in a way, we think that’s just part of its charm.

The dealership is making 40 of these at a price of 1,250,000 yen, which works out around £9,350.