Millions of drivers fall asleep at the wheel

Nearly 100 deaths a year attributed to sleeping drivers

"I told you not to put Radio 4 on.."

AN ESTIMATED 2.3 million drivers have dozed off behind the wheel, according to research released today by road safety campaigners Brake and Green Flag.

78% of the drivers interviewed put their trust in ineffective measures to combat tiredness such as opening a window or listening to the radio. Drivers were three times more likely to open the window when tired than take a nap while safely parked, which is recommended by the Government.

A shocking 7% admitted falling asleep while driving in the past year while a 26% said they had been a passenger with a tired driver.

Driverds are encouraged to get a good night's sleep before a journey; stopping at least every two hours; or stopping to take a nap if they feel tired.

Driver tiredness is a factor in 96 fatal crashes a year and leads to countless more serious injuries. Brake are appealing for drivers to stop this preventable death toll and never drive while tired.

What we want to know is, have you ever fallen asleep at the wheel? Have you ever fallen asleep while riding?