Michelin is recruiting motorcyclists to tour French routes

Michelin is creating new motorcycle tour guides across France... and it wants one budding writer to join in on the fun!


We don’t need many reasons to tour beautiful roads on our motorcycle, so to actually do it as a potential job certainly piques our interest!

When they’re not making some of the best-known tyres you can get on your motorcycle, Michelin has a number of other side projects that once upon a time had a direct correlation with driving but have now transcended into respected brands in their own right.

Take the Michelin Guide for instance, which was launched back in 1900 providing reviews of restaurants primarily to encourage more people to buy cars (and tyres) and go in search of excellent food outside of walking – or horse and cart – distance.

In the plus-century that has followed, it doesn’t matter if you’ve used a car to get to a restaurant but the Michelin Guide is still regarded as the zenith of restaurant quality to the extent that there are some serious rumblings when an establishment gains or loses the fabled ‘Michelin Star’.

Furthermore, Michelin also creates a number of successful tour guides, which obviously something a bit more to do with the basic product they are manufacturing, and its most recent endeavour will see it focus on motorcyclists, providing them with an in-depth analysis of the best roads with the best beauty and refreshment spots along the way.

As such, Michelin is throwing a job offer out to all motorcyclists who may want to help them curate the French ‘Guide Moto Michelin’. It is planning tours during the summer until the end of September and it wants one lucky person to get in on the act.

All you need to do with post an original photo or video of a motorcycle trip with a hashtag (see below) and then share a story that would make them want to select you. It doesn’t explicitly say you’ll be paid, but it says contracts would be offered, so fingers crossed.

Unfortunately, the kicker would see to be you’d need to be fluent in French to contribute, but we like to think if this goes well we could be seeing a British version some time soon…

Either way, it’s a pretty cool opportunity.