Met Police use stinger to stop suspect moped

The scooter reportedly failed to stop for a police motorcycle

MET Police stinger

THE MET POLICE has revealed information on the method it uses to apprehend scooter criminals.

Posting on Twitter, the Metropolitan Police’s Road and Traffic division shared photos of a scooter lying on the ground and a shoe-less rider alongside being apprehended by a police officer.

The caption accompanying the photo explained: “All of our #TPAC Cars carry Tyre Deflation Devices that can be used against 4 or 2 wheeled vehicles.

“When this rider decided not to stop for our Police Motorcyclist we successfully deployed Stinger.”

TPAC stands for Tactical Pursuit and Containment, and it refers to the vehicles which carry out pursuits across the Capital. The Tweet added that there are such units operating across Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea and Hammersmith and Fulham.

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