MCIA launches campaign after government fails to promote use of PTWs

The MCIA reveals its own campaign after PTWs were 'inexplicably ignored' by the government when touting alternatives to using public transport

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The Motorcycle Industry Association is to launch its own media campaign aimed at promoting the use of PTWs (powered two wheelers) instead of public transport after the Minister for Transport ‘ignored’ it as an alternative mode of transport.

With the UK slowly emerging from the lockdown period initiated by the coronavirus pandemic, the UK government has discouraged the use of public transport over fears it could lead to a ‘second wave’ of outbreaks.

As a result, Grant Shapps – the UK Minister for Transport – listed alternatives for safer solo travelling, including walking, cycling and even cars, despite the growing efforts to promote greener modes of transport. Even the use of e-scooters, which remain illegal under current UK law, were touted as an alternative.

However, PTWs were – as the MCIA puts it – ‘inexplicably ignored’ as an alternative way of getting around, an omission that has prompted the body to launch its own multi-media campaign to encourage people to consider using scooters, mopeds and motorcycles for their daily commute.

Starting on June 3rd, the ‘Unlock Your Freedom’ campaign will look to provide everything a new rider needs to know in order to get on the road.

“With this information and after the completion of a short Compulsory Basic Training course, commuters
can say hello to briefer, more enjoyable and safer journeys, courtesy of their own socially-distanced PTW,” reads a statement.

“With a wide choice of styles, super-clean electric or low emission petrol motors, the range of PTWs
available is wide enough to satisfy everyone’s Cummings and Goings.”

Well played, MCIA, well played…