Max Biaggi’s electric motorcycle speed record attempt is put on hold

Voxan Motors announces its planned attempt at breaking the electric motorcycle land speed world record with Max Biaggi will not go ahead as planned

Max Biaggi

Double WorldSBK Champion Max Biaggi’s attempt to break a land speed world record on an electric motorcycle has been put on hold in the midst of the coronavirus.

The Italian had been due to ride the Voxan Motors Wattmann electric motorcycle at the Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia in July 2020, but according to Forbes it has been postponed indefinitely as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis sweeping the globe.

The current record for an electric motorcycle is a 329.085kmh (204.4mph) set by Ryuji Tsuruta riding a Mobitec EV-02A in 2019, but it is hoped Voxan – a company owned by Monaco-based Venturi Group – will be able hit at least 330kmh (just over 205mph) with its specially-engineered machine.

The motorcycle itself is a special high-performance version of the Voxan Wattmann created in 2013 and designed by Venturi’s Sacha Lakic. Though the company was getting close to its attempt, it will now pause this to ride out the current global changes occurring.

"The development teams responsible for the Voxan Wattman motorcycle, which has just completed its initial on-track testing, are now confined to their homes,” said Gildo Pastor, president of Venturi Group

"The health and safety of my teams is paramount. In view of the current health crisis, I have put in place the necessary measures. All of my staff, whether they are attached to Venturi North America (Columbus, Ohio) or to the headquarters in Monaco, are now working from home.

“We will establish a new calendar of operations as soon as the health situation allows it, and announce the new operational arrangements for this project, which is very important to me personally."

The standard Voxan Wattmann is capable of hitting 62mph in 3.4secs and generate 203hp producing 147.5Ib-ft of torque. This new version can generate 367hp.