This man wants to ban trail riding

Manx Green Laning threat

The future for Green Laning in the Isle of Man has been called into question by a local environmentalist. Richard Crowhurst, a director of the Isle of Man Woodland Trusts would like to see a ban on trail riding in the Isle of Man.

Crowhurst  is particularly concerned about damage being done to the MIllenium Way. 'This damage will last years. I wish the people responsible had to come and repair it,' he said.

‘Though I personally would like to see it, I accept a complete ban is not practical but I think the bikes should be excluded from ancient lanes like this and allowed to use some of the others provided they stick to the marked route and don’t carve through the heathland.’

Local motorcycle groups are objecting to Crowhurst's claims. Steve Collins, who is on the committee of the Southern Motorcycle Club, which organises trials and enduro events, said he was against a bike ban from any of the Green Lanes or Ways. 'As a Manxman, I have ridden these tracks for 30 years and these people have to remember to live and let live,’ he said.

‘This is a biking nation that has produced enduro world champions and top trials riders like Steve Colley. People need somewhere to ride.’

An Isle of Man Newspapers’ on-line poll in November 2006 attracted 14,501 responses with 8,366 (57 per cent) opposed to restricting motorcycles on green lanes.

Source: isleofmantoday