Man admits crossbow shooting

But denies being a hired assassin

A THIRTY TWO year old man has admitted shooting a motorcycle shop owner with a crossbow – but denied he was acting as a hired assassin.

Yesterday, Visordown brought you the story of Andrew Malham, who was shot by a crossbow wielding thug, after an ongoing dispute with a Leeds biker gang.

The accused, Paul Miller, told an attempted murder trial at Leeds Crown Court that he shot Thundercity Motorcycles director Andrew Malham after a business row.

He told the jury he had never heard of the Leeds biker gang that Harley Davidson enthusiast Mr Malham had clashed with.

Mr Malham had told the court that acrimony with the Blue Angels biker gang in 2006 had led to criminal damage at his home and business in Sheepscar, Leeds.

Miller said: "The first I heard of the Blue Angels was when the police seemed to be obsessively going on about it in the interview."
His defence counsel, Duncan Smith, asked: "Have you ever undertaken work as a hired assassin?" Miller replied: "No."

The case continues.