MAG leaders speak at anti-ULEZ expansion protest

A protest, attended by the Motorcycle Action Group, was held last weekend in London opposing the planned expansion of London's ULEZ zone.

ULEZ Low Emissions Zone

The Motorcycle Action Group has attended a protest in opposition to the expansion of the ULEZ zone in London. 

The protest was held on 15 April 2023 and opposed the planned expansion of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in London.

MAG says it backs the campaign opposing the ULEZ expansion because it “would make thousands of motorcycles effectively obsolete for no benefit to health, wealth or the world.”

Neil Liversidge, Chair of the Motorcycle Action Group, said: “Mayor Sadiq Khan has ignored the facts about emissions. He’s ignored the democratic majority of objectors. And he’s slapping thousands of bikers in the face for using cheap, clean, congestion-busting motorbikes and scooters. The Motorcycle Action Group condemns Khan’s authoritarian, anti-scientific ULEZ agenda, and we’ll campaign robustly to stop this attack on law abiding road users.”

Lembit Öpik, MAG’s Director of Communications & Public Affairs, said: “Sadiq Khan’s proposal would financially crush older motorcycles for no health benefit. It won’t save thousands of lives as he claims but could cost lives as people abandon house visits because they can’t afford £80+ per week to ride or drive to care for loved ones. And say bye-bye to economical bikes like, say, a 15-year-old Honda C50: who’s going to pay £12.50 a day for a commute that used to cost a quid?”

The protest, at which MAG President and co-founder Ian Mutch was planned to speak, was organised by the Together Association, which formed in the aftermath of the Covid lockdowns, which it says were a “huge policy failure, which must be acknowledged and never repeated.” Their campaigns have also focused on ‘vaccine mandates’; opposition to “15-minute cities” which it describes as “undemocratic”; cuts to tax on fuel, gas, and electricity - taxes which it says prevent the UK from recovering from the economic damage of Covid lockdowns; and opposition to the Online Safety Bill, which it describes as a "real threat to free speech."

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