Mad motorcycle designer Starck speaks out

The man behind Aprilia's 6.5 Moto says about his life's work: 'All I have created is useless'

Starck's Aprilia 6.5 Moto

OUTLANDISH motorcycle designer Philippe Starck, the man behind such
'memorable' motorcycling carbuncles as the Aprilia Moto 6.5 and the Voxan Starck Cafe
Racer Super Naked has made a string of amazingly frank revelations about his

Speaking to German magazine Die Zeite at the weekend, Starck said: "All that
I created is absolutely useless. From a structural point of view, the design
is completely useless.

"I created things so much without them really interesting me. I was a
producer of materiality. I have shame in what I have done."

Having ridden the bloody awful Aprilia many years ago, we'd agree. Hang your
head in shame, Starck.