Machete wielding motorcycle thieves try to steal judge’s bike!

Two motorcycle thieves who tried to pinch a judge’s bike parked at Snaresbrook Crown Court have been sentenced


A pair of numbskull motorcycle thieves have been sentenced before Christmas, as the pair tried to make off with a judge’s BMW R 1250 GS adventure motorcycle.

Now, stealing anyone’s motorcycle is the lowest of the low, and stealing a judge’s bike is pretty stupid. This pair took bike theft into new levels of idiocy, by not only trying to pinch the justice’s bike, but they also tried to swipe the Beemer from the crown court car park…

The incident happened at 14:10 on 16th April 2021, when the pair, Shay Hollis, 18, and Deon-Dre Rogers-Barrett, 19, spied the £15k BMW in the car park and approached on two mopeds. The crown court security approached the pair, who threatened him with a machete. As the security officer fled, the two attempted to push the bike away, although the security guard, now safely in the building, had closed and locked the security gates. The pair then ditched the bike and their scooters and discarded their angle grinder, machete, and motorcycle helmets before scaling the fence and escaping on foot.

Weirdly for this kind of case, one of the bikes was actually registered and insured to one of the thieves, Deon-Dre Rogers-Barrett, who called to report the bike stolen around 90 minutes after the theft! Having already dumped his riding gear at the scene, the police didn’t need to work too hard to link the dim-witted thief to the scene of the attempted theft.

Bike thieves caught trying to steal judge’s motorcycle sentenced

Rogers-Barrett was sentenced to 21-months, suspended for 18 months. He was ordered to complete 25 days rehabilitation activity. He’s also on tag with a curfew and paid £500 compensation to the victim.

Hollis was sentenced to an 18-month supervision order, was ordered to carry out 12 hours of unpaid work and has to pay £500 compensation to the victim. He had previously pleaded guilty to robbery, criminal damage, threatening a person in a public place with an offensive weapon and affray.

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