Legal queries answered in our new law column

Got a legal biking question? We’re here to help, thanks to the good folk at Thompsons Solicitors

Legal queries answered in our new law column

Welcome to our new weekly section, with some proper learned answers to your bikey legal queries. Whether you’ve been knocked off by a pissed-up driver, been stitched up by a dodgy trader, or looking down the barrel of a six-month ban for one speeding ticket too many, we can help – with some clever judicial stuff from Thompsons Solicitors, one of the biggest law firms in the country.

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Here’s a nasty one – hit and run drivers. What’s the best plan here?

“I’ve been knocked off my bike and the driver drove off without stopping. I managed to get their number plate - what do I do next?”

David Robinson, senior road accident specialist at Thompsons Solicitors said: “You should firstly make sure you are not suffering any significant injuries; often adrenaline in your body following a collision can mask pain and symptoms. If you need medical attention you should telephone for an ambulance straight away. You should then immediately report the incident to the police, as it is a criminal offence for the other driver to leave the scene of an accident without stopping. It is useful to provide the police with all the details which you remember.

“If it is safe to do so, you should also take images of your bike in the location where it was left following the collision, as well as obtaining separate photographs of any damage to your bike or injuries to you. If anyone else has stopped to offer assistance please also ask for their names and address.

“After that you should contact your insurer and provide details as to what happened and your insurer will then deal with repairing any damage to your vehicle.

“If you have suffered a personal injury your insurer will often refer you to its internal claims handlers or solicitors. However, you have the right to choose who acts for you in a claim for personal injuries and you should choose a firm of solicitors who you feel comfortable with and who have experience in dealing with motorcycle accident claims. It is perfectly normal for your insurance company to deal with bike damage and for solicitors to deal with your individual injuries (and treating you as an individual).

“If you feel safe to ride further, and if your bike is in a ridable condition, then you can continue on your way, but bearing in mind even the most advanced rider will likely be shaken by a collision and you may benefit from resting before carrying on your journey.”

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