Last chance to win a Triumph Speedmaster

The National Motorcycle Museum's winter raffle ends this week

Last chance to win a Triumph Speedmaster

Who buys those £20 raffle tickets at airports to win Ferraris and Lamborghinis? It all just smells a bit to me – like, you've probably got more chance of marrying into the Qatari royal family than winning a fancy car any time soon.

This one is a bit different though, in that it's in aid of a decent cause. The National Motorcycle Museum has been running a raffle to win a new 2018 Triumph Speedmaster over the winter, and the competition ends this weekend. So it's your last chance to try and win the bike – and if you don't, the Museum gets a bit of financial help anyway. Win/win (well, win/lose really but you get the point).

The winner is being drawn this weekend at the Classic Bike show at Stafford (which is a very good day out we hear, although I get hives if I spend that long on the M6 these days, so have never been). The Speedmaster is a top bike, based on the very popular Bobber, with the firm's 'good' classic engine, the 1200 high-torque twin. So well worth winning.

You can find out more info, and buy tickets, here.