Last Brough SS100 on sale at Bonhams

Quarter of a million pounds should be enough...

IT seems that whenever Bonhams has a bike auction they manage to dig up a Brough Superior from somewhere, but the one they've got lined up for their exclusive event at Quail Lodge in California is even more special.

The last Brough SS100 ever made, it dates to 1940 and marked the end of the line for the firm, which never resumed production after WW2.

Bonhams is expecting to take between $350,000 and $400,000 for the bike (£217,000-£247,000).

Other bikes already confirmed for the August 18 sale include two Coventry Eagle Flying 8s – a side valve expected to reach $100,000, the other an OHV valued at $250,000 – and a $120,000-$140,000 Vincent Black Prince.

If you can't scrape together the six-figure sums needed to get their hands on any of those machines, you could always slum it with a 1928 Henderson Deluxe Four ($60,000-$70,000)...