Kymco working on Radar assistance and blind-spot detection

Scooter manufacturer Kymco is reported to be rustling up radar assistance, which looks set to land on some of its scooters in the future


SCOOTER and lightweight motorcycle manufacturer Kymco has applied for patents relating to adding radar assistance and possibly blindspot detection to some of its bikes.

The images show what is a fairly basic-looking scooter, although particular attention should be paid to the rear light cluster and number plate holder of the bike. The actual hardware of the system seems to be sitting directly above the number plate holder, marked as No. 22 on the image at the top. The system seems to be a radar sensor, that could be used as a blindspot warning system, notifying the rider of vehicles encroaching from behind but that may be invisible in the rearview mirror. 

The bike shown in the patent seems to be the KRV 180

In this way, the system is quite similar to that already found on much bigger, much more expensive bikes like the Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally and GT Explorer, Multistrada V4 S and KTM 1290 Super Adventure. While blind-spot detection and radar-assisted cruise control are commonplace on these big-budget machines, it’s much less common on smaller, more budget-friendly bikes - especially on scooters.

That said, a lightweight urban commuter such as this would be a perfect bike to gain the technology, it is after all in the city where bikes and cars come into close contact on a frequent basis, and missing a vehicle just sat off your rear quarter could be just as much of a life-saver as it could on the open road.

While the images do indeed show a scooter, it’s easy to imagine how the Tawainese manufacturer could apply similar tech and principles to the other bikes in its range. With the scooter really being the bread and butter in the Kymco range though, it’s much more likely to appear here before on any other type of Kymco.

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