KTM recalls Adventure models

Short-circuit could cause brake failure in 1190 and 1290 models

KTM recalls Adventure models

KTM is recalling models in its Adventure range over a potential brake problem.

The firm says a potential short-circuit of the ABS modulator could in rare cases lead to brake failure. 

Three models are affected: 1190 Adventures, 1190 Adventure Rs and 1290 Super Adventures made up to and including 2016. 

Customers are being contacted directly and asked to take their bike to an authorised KTM dealer for a free inspection of the ABS modulator's wiring harness and a replacement part. 

KTM said: 'Following market investigations by KTM it has been determined that due to deviations in the assembly process, in isolated cases contact may occur between the wiring harness and the ABS modulator. Measurements have shown that an electrical connection may be created via the brake line between the ABS modulator and the vehicle ground. For this to occur, the wiring harness must be frayed and must be in contact with the ABS modulator and the brake line must be electrically conductive. This only occurs in very rare cases. A conductive brake line can overheat and ultimately melt which can result in failure of a brake system circuit. The routing of the wiring harness must therefore be checked and if necessary corrected at the models mentioned below.'