KTM launches worldwide recall of Duke models over risk of front brake failure

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KTM launches worldwide recall of Duke models over risk of front brake failure

KTM HAS just announced an international recall of a number of models in its Duke range over a potential fault that could cause front brake failure.

A potential weakness in the Brembo master cylinder piston could cause it to crack under heavy braking, KTM says.

The models affected are the 2015 690 Duke R, 1290 Super Duke R and 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition, as well as the 2016 1290 Super Duke GT.

KTM says customers are being advised individually by letter to ‘immediately contact an authorised KTM dealer to arrange an appointment for replacement’. The work will take about an hour-and-a-half, the firm says.

The recall is ‘valid for all markets’.

The issue is not limited to KTM as some motorcycles from other manufacturers may also feature the potentially defective part, according to a written statement from the firm.

The statement says there have been no reports of failures on KTMs and rear brakes are unaffected.

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The 2016 690 Duke R

The 2015 1290 Super Duke R

The 2015 1290 Super Duke R Special Edition

And the 2016 1290 Super Duke GT

Here's the Austrian company's statement: ‘KTM recalls 690 DUKE R (from MY2015), 1290 SUPER DUKE R (from MY2015) as well as 1290 SUPER DUKE R SPECIAL EDITION (from MY2015) and 1290 SUPER DUKE GT (from MY2016) models to the workshops of authorized KTM dealers in order to replace the piston of the front master cylinder.

‘According to Brembo information, discrepancies may have occurred in the pistons of some radial handbrake cylinders over a defined period of production. Not exclusively a KTM issue, the possible defective part also affects a number of motorcycles produced by other manufacturers. A crack may occur due to potential material weakness in the brake piston, especially when subject to heavy load such as during racing, or in the event of frequent braking in the ABS control range. The braking efficiency can be reduced as a result, which can lead to a potential failure of the front brake. Damage to the front brake does not affect the function of the rear brake, with the result that the latter´s braking efficiency is retained even if the front brake fails.

‘Although no such failures are known in KTM motorcycles, customers to whom the affected motorcycles have already been delivered are being personally informed by letter and are asked to immediately contact an authorized KTM dealer to arrange an appointment for replacement. In addition, customers can check online in the “Service” area on the KTM website if their motorcycle is affected by the recall.

‘The replacement of the front master cylinder´s piston takes about 1.5 hours and can be carried out by authorized KTM dealers only. This check is a guarantees that is completely free of charge.’