KTM 990 SMT ABS launch preview

SMT doesn't follow the trend for elecronic gizmos, say KTM

IT'S taken them two and a half years of development but KTM is now ready to release the 990 SMT with ABS, and Visordown is in Southern Spain for the launch.

Going against the current trend of increases in bike prices the 2011 SMT ABS is actually £350 cheaper than the 2010 SMT and you get ABS included in the package, so that's technically something for nothing. Well, actually less than nothing.

Why has it taken KTM so long to develop the ABS system? We will find out today when we get a chance to ride the bike but according to some chaps in orange jumpers the company only wanted to release an ABS version when it felt that the electronic gadget offered a performance upgrade rather than just follow the trend for new gizmos!

KTM has so far resisted sticking traction control etc on its bikes, preferring to keep them raw and undiluted, so it will be interesting to see exactly what it is about this new ABS that has swayed their decision...