Knievel voted best toy ever

Get sniffing around your attic or your local boot fair as you could be sitting on a small fortune

Expect to pay around £200 for a boxed Knievel stunt cycle

YOU PROBABLY played with one as a kid - and now the iconic Evel Knievel stunt toy has been voted by adults as the toy they would most want to play with again.

The popular toy, which not only outsold Barbie and GI Joe (Action Man) for two years in the States, earned the real Knievel millions of dollars in royalties.

Eventually dropped after Knievel served time inside for attacking his former lawyer with a baseball bat (while both Knievel arms were broken and still in plaster!), the toy consisted of a sturdy, geared bike, flexible Knievel figure in the traditional white, red and blue, star-spangled suit and a wind-up launcher.

The toy was voted number one at the Do You Remember website. It beat off the likes of the Weebles and the Cabbage Patch Dolls.

If you'd like to relive your youth and own one again, expect to pay in excess of £200 for a boxed example in excellent working order.