Knievel ends feud with American rap star

Stunt god seeks compensation for 'rip-off'

EVEL Knievel and chart bad boy Kanye West have resolved their differences and stopped the legal action between them, according to West's record label.Knievel had started legal action against the rapper following West's "Touch the Sky" video which aped the King of the Stuntman's famous attempt to fly his Sky Cycle over Snake River Canyon, Idaho in 1974.

The pair are reported to have met recently at Knievel's home in Tampa, Florida, to resolve the issues raised over images used in the music video.

Richard Fee, Knievel's attorney, told MTV News at the time that his client did not consider the video an homage, but "more as a rip-off," he said. "Mr. Knievel has a trademark on Evel Knievel and an extraordinarily well-recognized white jumpsuit. Kanye West and Roc-A-Fella Records are undoubtedly familiar with intellectual property rights. Mr. Knievel is not too happy with it. He wants to be compensated for uses of his likeness and trademark."

"The guy just disgraced me," Knievel was reported to have said at the time. "I have done the best I can to set an example for children, and then this guy comes along and tries to rip it apart."

Back in July, both parties told a federal judge they were bringing in a mediator to settle matters.