Kawasaki to launch 'Rideology concept'

A prize goes to anyone who can work out what it is*

Kawasaki to launch 'Rideology concept'

IT'S de rigueur for bike makers to use a lot of words to say little in their press releases. 

But occasionally one will drop into Visordown's inbox that passes the waffle high-water mark.

Like this one. 

Kawasaki is set to launch its 'Rideology concept' at the Dutch WSB round at Assen this weekend, with prominent branding on Tom Sykes' and Jonathan Rea's race bikes and in the pit lane.

So what is the Rideology concept?

See if you can work it out because we can't.

Straight from the press release: 'Rideology encompasses three base principles.

'Power and grace are the first of the Rideology principles with examples of impressive machines that possess both in equal measure, characterised by such icons as the 1969 H1 500, the epoch making Z1 900 of the early 1970s and the “game changer” GPz900R of 1984. In the modern era the ZZR family has epitomised power and grace while the Ninja ZX-10RR dominates racetracks around the world.

'The second principle is that any Kawasaki should be fun to control which, when combined with power and grace, goes a long way to creating a characteristic riding and ownership experience. Each of these two principles is joined by the third, defining aspect which is the leverage of the full potential of the KHI group...

'Jonathan Rea said: “Rideology is a word that, to a motorcycle rider, covers many different aspects of the experience – power, the fun in controlling the bike, satisfaction. For me the most important is the enjoyment but there are many different features of Rideology. I can comfortably use this word to describe the experience of riding the ZX-10RR. It is a very good word to describe the sensations of riding my bike.”

'Tom Sykes referred to his Ninja H2R saying: “Rideology to me, being a Kawasaki rider for many years now, is a direct word summarising three separate meanings. I have ridden many Kawasakis, including my amazing Ninja H2R, which embodies all of the emotions and sensations of Rideology to a very high degree. Naturally I have also become very attached to my racing machine. Kawasaki has been always well known for producing fast machines and very strong engines and Rideology describes how they combine speed and power with the gentleness and user-friendliness of the package - the whole machine. Kawasaki is very good at finding this package in our race machines and it has delivered world championships. It gives me great satisfaction.”'

*There's no prize, only glory.