JRL Radial engine motorcycle video

Crazy airplane-engined custom is available now

I'd love a go on that!

Listen to it rev! Awesome...

JRL CYCLES LLC. has become the first factory authorised custom motorcycle manufactuer to use radial engines exclusively. The agreement between Rotec Engineering and JRL provides the expertise to allow the conversion from aircraft to motorcycle to take place safely and provide a dependable smooth running alternative to stroked v-twins.

John from JRL said, "It's a natural match that predates the V-twin in motorcycles. You get twice the torque, half the vibration and a starter that will fit in the palm of your hand. The radial was developed for aircraft because of it's reliability and power to weight ratio. The incredible sound is just a bonus!"

Each bike takes about 6 months to complete and has a calculated top speed of 227 mph. It'll do over 50 in first gear, and has a 6 speed overdrive transmission. The JRL produces 160 ft-lbs of torque, which is fired through a 300-section rear tyre.