Speeding fines to fund new bike cop scheme

Don't panic - it's happening in America

"YMCA, it's fun to stay at..."

MONEY RAISED by an American police force through speeding fines and property seizures (bikes, cars and the like) in Greenville, South Carolina, is being used to fund a city's first ever bike cop " with more being planned.

Police chief Harry Roseberry has just given the go-ahead for Officer Dan Turrentine to turn two-wheels as part of his day job for the very first time. A spokesman for the force said:

"It just seems like a good idea. The money is raised through the efforts of the officers and by having our first motorcycle cop we can provide a better service for Greenville residents. This is only the start though, we are planning more officers on bikes as the funds continue to come in. We hope to have another officer on the roads before April and plan to have four motorcycle officers in total for our force."

Turrentine will patrol the streets on a - wait for it - Harley-Davidson. Let's hope he's not involved in any high-speed pursuits.