Jorge Lorenzo’s ‘Cribs’-style video removed from YouTube

Sponsor Monster Energy’s video doesn’t get the reception they were hoping for

A VIDEO of former MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo giving a guided tour of his Spanish home has been removed from YouTube.

The video, featuring bikini-clad girls in a jacuzzi on a roof terrace, was released by Monster Energy on its YouTube channel. It was removed following criticism of Lorenzo's lavish lifestyle from the press in Spain, where the unemployment rate is over 25% 

With FIM and Dorna attempting to promote women racers, Spanish news outlets also criticised the video for featuring scantily dressed women.

Lorenzo told sports website AS: “I regret the video of the girls. The rest of the house…I’ve won out of a humble family, 23 years struggling to achieve my goals, with many injuries, without stealing anything from anyone, all legal and not winning the lottery. Nobody gave it to me I have nothing left to spend to win races. I’ve had to work with the best drivers in the world, so it is difficult to understand that only in this country I receive such criticism.”

He added: “Too bad that image of me is given because it is not real."

Was the video a distasteful display of wealth? Or is Lorenzo just a talented racer enjoying his wealth and trying to please his sponsors?