John McGuinness has a message for ex-Norton CEO Garner…

Isle of Man TT legend, John McGuinness takes time out to help childhood cancer victim with a very special photo - and he has a dig at Norton in the process!

John McGuinness

THE Norton saga (or should that be scandal, debacle or f**k up?) has now rolled on officially wince the doors closed at the factory earlier this year. In truth though, it runs much deeper and much further back in history than that.

With the timeline of disaster stretching back so far, the list of people owed money by the British marque continues to grow, with everyone from banks, investors, staff and customers being left out of pocket by Stuart Garner and his questionable business practices.

With reports from reporting that the total amount of money owed across all of Norton’s creditors being £28,352,089, you do have to question where the heck the money went!

One person who is thinking just that question is John McGuinness, 23 Isle of Man TT winner, whom it seems is also out of pocket. Reports suggest that McPint (as he’s better known) was never paid his wages for competing in 2019 Isle of Man TT Senior race on the Norton V4 RR.

He’s already called out the Norton CEO before the firms collapse, calling out Garner on Twitter and asking anyone who saw him to get in touch with the Morecombe-based racer.

This time though, John has used his frustration at the situation to help out a young girl who is suffering from a rare from of inoperable cancer. He singed a special note on a card, allegedly directed at the ex-Norton CEO.

The card reads: “That Stu’s a bit of a C***!”, with McGuinness’ signature beneath. The card was auctioned off with the idea being that it could be sent to anyone who had a special Stu in their life.

We think there is a more fitting and appropriate Stu it could have been sent to though!