Jason Momoa Builds Family Heirloom Harley Davidson for Father's Day

When he's not being Aquaman, Hollywood movie star Jason Momoa is also an incredibly resourceful and dedicated motorbike enthusiast...

Jason Momoa Harley Davidson

Just when you think Game of Thrones & Aquaman star Jason Momoa couldn't get any cooler, he goes and makes an incredibly moving short film about his motorcycling journey.

In an effort to help his children realise their dreams and aspirations in life, Momoa decided to build his own classic Harley Davidson for Father's Day, which he has proceeded to immortalise in a beautiful short film titled 'Where the Wild Stomped In’.

The short film depicts Jason’s motorcycling journey, which started from the age of six and culminated in him building his very own Harley with the help of his children, from a broken Knucklehead motor he found over 30 years ago.

As his wife, Lisa Bonet wasn’t so keen on the little ones riding on the back of Daddies motorcycle, Momoa managed to strike a deal that he would build a sidecar onto the motorcycle for the kids to ride in.

Isn’t he the coolest dad ever?

Jason is a through and through Harley fanboy, getting his first motorcycle, a 1957 Panhead, at the age of 19 and naming it after is Grandma - Mable.

Since then he has been obsessed with the spirit of the ride and hopes to pass this torch onto his children, to help them reach new heights in their lives. And keeping the bike in the family for future generations.

So, does this beat your fathers day present? Something tells me receiving socks and a tie will never quite be the same after watching this.