Japanese electric monowheel in production

Answering the question you never thought of asking

YOU! You there sir! Have you always dreamt of the possibilities that would open up before your eyes as soon as you achieve that hereto unattainable dream of travelling at walking pace on an electric unicycle? An electric unicycle that makes you publicly adopt the pose normally reserved for your alone-time on the porcelain throne? Well have we got the product for you!

It’s called the One-Wheel, because it’s got one wheel, and its makers are promising to make a trial production run of 200 examples to sell this summer. Unfortunately you’ll have to go to Japan to get one of these early machines, but presumably if it’s the transport you’ve always been dreaming of then that trip is one you’ll make with joy in your heart.

Motorcycle-style controls are combined with a Segway-like balancing system, and the 25kg machine should be good for 15km/h or so. Range is between 15 and 60km depending on use and whether you specify an extra-big battery.

They’ll cost somewhere in the region of £1,400-£1,600, depending on the battery size and whether you specify the optional robotic telescoping stand (which seems to be an unnecessarily complicated answer to a simple requirement) but we won’t hold you up any longer since we know you’ll be desperate to rush off to www.onewheel.jp to place your orders.

See it in action here.

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