Jamie Whitham looks at Superbike vs Superstock

Find out the subtle, and not so subtle differences between a BSB Superstock and Superbike

Jamie Whitham looks at Superbike vs Superstock

RUNNING at the sharp end of the BSB championship is no mean feat. With budgets for the year well into the £1m mark, and the difference between winning and losing coming down to thousandths of a second; teams will do everything they can to squeeze that last ounce of performance from their machines.



To look at the Superstock and Superbikes that race on a weekend look fairly similar – save for some slicks on the superbike and different number plates, it’s pretty tricky to tell them apart.

In this video shot by Eurosport, Jamie Whitham has a look around Luke Stapleford’s Superbike, and Richard Cooper’s Superstock machine, to see what the difference really is.

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