Jamaican racer pulls off MotoGP save

Kyle 'Irie Racing' Reynolds was racing in the annual Carnival of Speed at Dover Raceway

HE MAY be racing on a dilapidated track aboard an old ZX-6R, but Jamaican rider Kyle ‘Irie Racing’ Reynolds displayed MotoGP moves with this incredible save.

Reynolds was racing in the Jamaican Race Drivers’ Club Carnival of Speed at Dover Raceway on Monday – which happened to be his 36th birthday – when a highside on turn 13 flung him from his bike.

Incredibly, Reynolds managed to hang on to the bars, and in a move reminiscent of Randy Mamola or Niklas Ajo (maybe not as dramatic), skidded on his feet alongside the bike for a good few hundred metres.

Not content with his near miss, he barely allowed the bike to reach a stop before hopping back on and continuing the race. His GoPro unfortunately doesn't make it...

Reynolds, who runs Irie Moto Tours on the island, commented: "I tried to take a wider entry into the uphill off-camber left turn so I could end up on the inside of the rider in front to set up the pass, but I got too greedy getting on the gas and spun the rear...

"It was a silly mistake but luckily I was able to save it. That part of the track has no run off as you are in between two wall and the bike would have been badly damaged if it had ran into the wall."