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Dutch motorcycle custom shop Rno Cycles has taken a boosted 1979 Honda CBX 1000 and turned it into a real stunner.

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

For some people, modifying a classic Honda CBX motorcycle is a cardinal sin, but for Arno Overweel (owner of Rno) it’s pretty tame. He often builds far more outrageous and somewhat impractical motorcycles then the one presented before you. 

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

The 1979 CBX - which was already turbocharged and left to rust for many years - was a build commissioned by a client who was impressed by Arno’s work. Whilst the client wanted the bike back on the road and restored to its former glory, this just isn’t how Arno works. In his own words, restoration is not his passion. Instead, he saw the CBX as an optical and technical upgrade challenge. 

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

Evidently, Arno managed to convince the client his vision, which was to make the turbo CBX as striking looking as it is powerful. That vision included, a front AMA superbike-style number plate, short rear subframe and beefy Brembo brakes mounted to gold Ohlins forks. 

About the Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

original Honda CBX 1000.

The original Honda CBX 1000 was produced from 1978 to 1982. It had a 1,047cc 24-valve, air-cooled inline-six motor, which produced around 105bhp. As if this wasn’t enough, some owners fitted an America Turbo Pack too ( like the one you see here). The compact Rayjay turbo unit breathes through a Bendix carb (popular for their simplicity and ease of tuning)

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

Although the engine worked well, Arno added a Setrab oil cooler - with anodised Goodridge hoses - as a precaution. And for performance he added a Procom igniter set (to increase spark) and a new ZX-7R alternator. After these mods, the motor is a real reliable howler. 

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

Whilst a lot of respect was paid to the 70’s styling of the CBX, the front fairing, rear subframe, and seat was modified to better proportion the bike. Underneath the subframe, a slightly longer Fireblade swingarm was installed to enable a visually cleaner Pro-link monoshock set up, and an RSV Mille 190 section rear tyre was installed. 

With the under-seat tray removed, this meant that all the electronics had to be relocated under the tank, and the battery into the tail. A pretty challenging task as space is very limited. 

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

Other modifications include:

Ohlins front forks from an RSV Mille & Triple trees to match

Brembo dual front calipers

Motacc superbike bars on Rizoma risers

Rizoma racing fuel cap

AMA superbike-style number plate with twin LED lights

Bespoke Turboback exhaust and carbon fibre end can

Pazzo levers

Acewell LCD multi-function speedo

Compact sports air filter

Miller Custom Upholstery

The CBX was painted by Ben Oud in a classic Honda red, white and blue with a black stripe on top of the tank. Ben added a few extra special touches to the bike, like the Honda wings painted onto the curves of the fuel tank, and a custom CBX logo beneath the filler cab. The final result is simply stunning.  

Rno Honda CBX 1000 Turbo

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