IMME 1200 - 155kg, 150bhp - the next BMW?

Student design concept could revolutionise BMW

Just a concept ... but it could influence future BMW design


TWO STUDENTS wanted to create a radical BMW based sportsbike and now their creation will be displayed on the official BMW Stand at the Munich motorcycle show this year.

The students, from the International School of Design, Nicolas Bubar, 24, and Yves Dufeutrelle, 22, designed a tube frame around a BMW 1200 boxer engine, with a new cylinder head and a revised exhaust to increase the power output to 150bhp.

The bike weighs an incredible 155kg, that's only 15kg more than an Aprilia RS250, yet with 150bhp on tap, it should keep up with the latest superbikes a straight line at least.

The front suspension is telelever - standard on a boxer BMW - and paralever rear with shaft drive. The bike is designed to be personally setup for each customer. Anyone purchasing the bike will be measured up and the bike's suspension setup and rearsets will be customised for the owner. Mirrors, headlights and the number plate are easy to remove with a specially made key, so trackday setup is just minutes away from the standard road configuration.













All the images here are computer generated but the bike's production has started, through a partnership with a couple of BMW dealers and a design firm. Don't expect muych change from £25,000. For more info, see: