How you can win £250 with GasGas Trial Challenge 3

GasGas are giving you the chance to win €300 (£250) by riding as slowly as possible in their Trial Challenge 3 for April.

GasGas Trial Challenge 3

April’s edition will be the third of GasGas’ Trial Challenge, and entering will give you the chance of winning €300, or around £250.

For April, GasGas wants you to ride as far as possible, as slowly as possible. So, you could ride 30 miles, but if you do it at 30mph, that won’t do. 

This challenge is all about bike control and balance. Being able to keep the bike under control while at low speeds is not an easy task, and tipping over is all too easy. 

In a press release, GasGas says, “We are looking for you to ride in a perfectly straight line as slowly as you can for at least 20 feet, or six metres, with no dabs.” 

They are also looking for creativity, and suggest that experienced riders could find something like a fallen tree to ride along, while beginners could mark a line on the ground to follow. 

For some helpful tips, check out GasGas’ video below where trials legend Albert Cabestany will guide you through how to ride super slowly, while maintaining balance and precision. 

You can also check out GasGas’ full series of trials ‘how-to’ video guides here.

If you are looking to enter the competition, GasGas want you to upload your best attempt at the challenge to your Instagram feed, including the hashtag #TrialChallenge in the caption, and tagging two friends.

You could even be featured on GasGas’ official website and Instagram feeds, as they will be sharing some of the best entries to the third Trial Challenge there.