How to watch MotoGP if you don't have a BT Sport subscription

Don't fancy forking out for the MotoGP? Don't worry, all hope is not lost

How to watch MotoGP if you don't have a BT Sport subscription

KEEN on watching this year's MotoGP but confused as to how you can get access to it?

Here are some of the options available:

Free ITV4 highlights:

An hour-long highlights show will be broadcast on ITV4 each Monday at 8pm, following the race on Sunday. ITV's Director of Sport Niall Sloane said: “I'm delighted we will be able to bring viewers high-octane MotoGP action. This new deal highlights the importance of motorsport to ITV4 and adds to the wealth of free-to-air coverage we're able to bring fans throughout the year.”

Watching MotoGP live without BT Sport:

The only way to watch MotoGP live in the UK without a BT Sport package is through the MotoGP website. You'll need to purchase either a monthly or full-season video pass though, costing you €99.95 (£82.35) for the season package, or  €12.49 (£10.29) per month. This allows you to watch the 2014 season's MotoGP races live, and gives you access to '22,000 videos from 1992 to the present day including full races, interviews, summaries, reports and much more.'

With Freeview TV:

If you have neither Sky or Virgin Media TV, you can still watch MotoGP. BT Broadband packages start from £7.50 a month and give you access to BT Sport, meaning you can watch MotoGP online. If you have an HD ready TV, you can connect your device to the TV with an HDMI cable to enjoy race coverage on the big screen.

With Sky TV:

Two options are available to Sky users. If you have a BT Broadband connection you are entitled to free access to the BT Sport channels, online player and mobile app.

However, BT Sport channels are still available without a BT Broadband connection. It costs £12 per month and gives you access to live events on the BT Sport channel, and the online player and mobile app.

With Virgin Media TV:

Three options are available to Virgin Media TV users. BT Sport is free of charge for those with Virgin's TV XL package, you won't get access to the online player or mobile app though.

If you don't have the TV XL package, you can still get BT Sport channels for £15 per month. Again though, access to BT Sport's online player and mobile app is not included.

If you're a Virgin Media user with a BT Broadband connection, you can watch MotoGP for free online on any device.

With BT TV & BT Broadband:

If you already have BT TV and BT Broadband then happy days. Your BT package will give you access to the mobile app and online player at no extra cost, giving you the freedom to watch the GP wherever and whenever.

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