Honda V4 BMW GS beater in the pipeline

BMW get wind of new Honda V4 trailie

HOT NEWS from deep inside BMW this morning - the bosses at the German manufacturer have got wind about a new bike coming from Honda, a new V4-powered GS-beater.

The Honda is apparently being targetted to be shown at the end of 2011 and will feature the firm's new V4 motor, which will first appear in the company's VFR update expected at the end of 2009 to go on sale early 2010.

Called the Honda XLV1200, the bike will get a GS-style upright riding position, big pillion seat and low centre of gravity. Apparently, one of the main concerns at the moment with the project is the size of the fuel tank, Honda wants to make sure that its new mile-eater can go for hundreds of miles on a single tankful. Which all sounds good to us.

Our BMW insider reckons the company are determined to see off the threat to their own GS range.

Image courtesy of Motorrad magazine.