Honda UK recalls 392 VFR1200Fs over engine seizure concerns

Visordown's VFR1200F long-termer is heading back to Honda HQ

HONDA UK is recalling 392 VFR1200F machines over metal shavings inside the engine, which could result in engine failure, the company has announced.

Visordown's long-term test bike is on the cards for a recall, so we'll give you a full update as soon as we get the results of the investigation.  

From Honda:

“Honda is aware that some customers have experienced an abnormal engine noise with their VFR1200F.

“This was referred to Honda’s technical team for investigation, who found aluminium swarf (small shavings of metal) present in some VFR1200F engines. This issue potentially affects only VFR1200Fs manufactured over an identified and specific period of time. In total there are 392 potentially affected machines in the UK.

“Honda has notified VOSA and a recall is now in progress for the selected VFR1200F models, as the swarf could cause a potential problem with the engine and, in the worst case, possible engine seizure, due to the aluminium swarf restricting the engine oil passage in certain conditions.

“All registered owners of possibly affected machines will be contacted by Honda shortly and advised to contact their local authorised Honda Motorcycle dealer.

“An inspection of all the potentially affected machines will be carried out by checking the oil gallery for aluminium swarf. If no swarf is found then no further action will be necessary. If any swarf is found a new replacement engine assembly will be fitted.

“Honda would like to reassure that our customers concerns and our engineering quality standards are taken seriously and treated as priority and we apologise to customers affected by this issue for any disappointment or inconvenience caused.

“Should customers have any further concerns, we would advise them to firstly contact their local Honda dealer or contact Honda’s Recall Line on 0845 200 8002, open from 8am to 6pm Monday to Friday.”