Is a Honda Rebel 1100 Tour about to join the range in 2023?

The chatter behind the scenes seems to be pointing to a Honda Rebel 1100 Tour edition joining the range next year

A cruiser motorcycle with a rider and pillion on a sunny day

LEGENDARY crystal ball gazers, Young Machine magazine are chucking out their suggestions for the 2023 model year. Among them is an addition to the Rebel range, in the form of a Honda Rebel 1100 Tour edition.

Nobody really knows who it is that feeds the team at Young Machine this info, although if previous years are anything to go by, they usually are pretty much spot on.

This years’ big news is that a slightly longer-legged version of the Rebel 1100 will be joining the party in 2023. The exact details of the bike are scarce at present, although it doesn’t seem like the model will be vastly different to the machine we rode earlier this year – basically a Rebel 1100 with a batwing fairing and some luggage thrown at it.

Batwing fairing aside, what the Rebel 1100 really needs is a bit more range within its 13.6l fuel tank. Ideal that may be, realistic it’s not. For that to happen the bike would require an extensive redesign, something that would likely make the project uneconomical.

Other musings from the east come in the form of the incoming Hornet 750 being joined by the much rumoured Tansalp 750. It’s thought both machines could be utilising the same 750cc engine, and YM seems to have been advised they will both be launching in 2023.

With EICMA, Intermot, and the Tokyo Motorcycle Show creeping ever nearer, we should get be seeing one or all of these new models at the Autumn and Winter shows – stay tuned and we’ll bring you more as we have it.

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