Home-built turbocharged Subaru engine motorcycle on eBay

Would you take a punt on this beauty?

YOU MAY have been expecting this concept when you saw' Subura-engined motorcycle' in the title, but no, this is for real and what's more you could be the lucky owner.

Seen on eBay UK today, this is a home-built motorcycle, powered by a turbocharged flat-four 2.0 litre Subaru engine.

In the item description, the owner claims the 'project is essentially finished, although it still needs some work to be roadworthy'.


Interested parties will need to be confident home mechanics as 'the gearbox has developed a problem and needs attention'.

According to the owner, the bike 'trundles along in perfect balance'.


It's currently unregistered but the bike has VIN from the DVLA, so there's no excuse to take a punt on this one, if you dare.

Any takers?