Harley-Davidson record as bike hits nearly $1 million

A Strap Tank Harley-Davidson from 1908 has sold at Mecum for a record-breaking sum nudging $1 million dollars


A vintage Strap Tank Harley-Davidson from 1908 has just been sold at the Mecum Auction in Las Vegas raising nearly $1 million.

The gavel fell at $850,000, which equates to $935,000 once auction fees are included. That doesn’t make it the most expensive motorcycle ever sold at auction, although it is still a sizable sum for a motorcycle that has more in common with a bicycle than a modern-day machine.

This particular Strap Tank was found by its owner David Uihlein in the 1940s and owned by him for 66 years. The bike gained the ‘Strap Tank’ name because of the way its fuel and oil tank are bound to the cross-bar of the frame with nickel straps. It has been restored at some point in its life, although it is extremely original, with BikeExif reporting that its original tank, wheels, engine belt pulley, seat cover and muffler sleeve are all period and correct.

The bike is thought to have been an evolution of the design that William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson first built together, making the historical significance of the machine even greater.

Obviously, a bike of this era is a rare find, although the Strap Tank Harleys take exclusivity to a whole new level. When new they were produced in small numbers, reportedly 450 of the model were made. It’s now thought that there are less than a dozen of these pioneer motorcycles left in complete form, meaning if collectors want to get their hands on one, they better have deep pockets!

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