Harley-Davidson 120th Anniversary heads to Budapest!

America’s most famous motorcycle maker will be celebrating its 120th anniversary in Europe next year, as Harley-Davidson rides into Budapest


JUNE 2023 will see the historic capital city of Budapest play host to one of the world’s biggest birthday parties, as Harley-Davidson celebrates its 120th anniversary.

The event is scheduled to kick for June 22nd to 25th 2023, with events reported to be taking place in the heart of the Hungarian capital. Little more is known about the event at this time, although more information is set to be announced on 18 January, and if going by previous events is anything to go by, imagine, bikes, beers (not together obviously), music, food, and friends.

A statement on the Harley website reads:

‘Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 120th year in style at the European “Harley-Davidson 120th-anniversary event”, a four-day festival of entertainment, music, food and moto-culture. This special event will take place in the centre of Budapest, Hungary, welcoming riders, enthusiasts, and fans to meet in Europe for a huge celebration. More details and tickets will be available soon.’

While the thought of a ride out with friends to the event seems like a mighty tempting one indeed, the ride there, while majestic, is fairly lengthy. From my home in Coventry, it’s a cool 1,100 miles or around 20 hours of solid riding – with no stops! Rather than slogging it out in one day, you could opt for a two-day ride, stopping in Germany or Austria for the night and then heading east into Hungary.

And while you may be thinking it strange to be having an all-American brand’s birthday bash in Europe, there is also a shindig taking place across the pond! That event takes place at the home of Harley-Davidson in Milwaukee June 13th to 16th.

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