Hard-hitting video warns bikers to remain attentive

The award-winning video has been shared during the height of the biking season

Hard-hitting video warns bikers to remain attentive

A HARD-HITTING video has been shared by Lancashire Police on social media, warning bikers to remain attentive at all times while riding.

The video, entitled 'Mike's Last Ride', features Inspector Dave Mangan of Lancashire Police, who was riding with his father Mike on September 11 2013 when the 72-year-old collided head-on with a van during an overtake. 

Mike, a retired electrical engineer, was on the last ten miles of a 320 mile journey from Lands End to Minehead and died at the scene. It is thought that tiredness was a contributory factor in his death.

In the emotive video, Dave tells the story of that fateful day and offers advice on how riders can stay safe on the roads.

The video was first released a couple of years ago, and collected a number of accolades, including a national award from EVCOM (Event and Visual Communication Association) in the Social Media Campaign category and a silver award at Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards for Informational films. It also came runner up in the 2014 ACPO Outstanding Contribution to Road Safety category

And with the current hot weather and sheer number of bikers on the road, Lancashire Police force reshared it earlier this week, with the caption:

"BIKERS! Thinking of going out for a mid-week ride tonight? If you watch the first 30 seconds of this video, you'll definitely watch it all. 

"At the end of your ride, your speed may be lower but your concentration needs to be higher. The video explains all... #MikesLastRide