Happy World Motorcycle Day 2023 to all on the Longest Day Challenge!

Today is World Motorcycle Day 2023, a day to rejoice in all that is good and great with the world of two-wheels

The Lonest Day Challenge Riders at the start

WORLD Pizza Day, World Seagrass Day (no seriously) and let us not forget that famous 'cooked red meat and bedroom activity day' (ahem), but did you know that today is World Motorcycle Day 2023?

No, well where have you been, out riding, working in the shed or garage, or browsing the internet looking for your next bike-related buy most likely, but we’d like to think that the vast majority of you are out riding, enjoying your bikes and all the good things that being a motorcyclist brings.

There is a group today who are taking the time to celebrate World Motorcycle Day in style, whether they know it or not, and that is the group of riders taking part in the Longest Day Challenge. They are spending this holiest of holy days schlepping their way from Lands End to John o’ Groats in 24 hours. ‘An easy feat’ you might be shouting, although each and every one of them is riding it on a bike they bought for no more than £600 and they are forbidden from using any motorways.

The reason this merry band of bikers do this every year is for charity. The ride is raising money for Cancer Research UK, and any donation large or small is welcomed. Many will finish, but when riding a £600 bike from one end of the UK to the other, breakdowns are frequent and can cost people a finish in the event. The moral of this final point is if you spot a biker stood at the side of the road, likely wearing fancy dress, while swearing at a 15-year-old GPZ that is leaking coolant, think about this article and chuck a quid or two in the pot, it’s going to a very good cause!

Happy International Motorcycle Day and good luck to all taking part!

To donate, head to the official Longest Day Challenge fundraising page.