Half a million pounds worth of smuggled bikes destroyed in the Philippines

The luxury machines included a Harley-Davidson, two Triumphs and a BMW

MORE THAN 100 high-end motorcycles, illegally smuggled into the Philippines, have been destroyed at the order of the country’s President, Rodrigo Duterte.

The move came as part of Duterte’s fervent fight against drug dealing in the Southeast Asian country. He hopes that destroying luxury vehicles will deter dealers from smuggling them into the country

The motorcycles, which had a combined value of more than £481,000, included dozens of scooters, a Harley Davidson, two Triumphs and a BMW.

Duterte commented: "When the excavator crushed the Harley (Davidson) it's like I also got hit in my neck. What a waste."

Back in February the Philippine Customs Bureau destroyed 20-high end vehicles worth more than a million US dollars.