Guy Martin seeks to break one more speed record

Guy's final episode sees him set out to break for the world's fastest gravity powered sled

GUY Martin faces his most dangerous challenge yet by setting out to break the record for the world’s fastest gravity powered sled on his TV program 'Speed'.

Guy will be riding a custom-made toboggan built with the help of sports science engineers, athletes and experts in composite engineering from Sheffield Hallam University.

He will attempt to steal the record from German Rolf Allerdissen, who achieved a speed of 62.25 mph at the Pitztal Glacier in Austria, in 2010.

Olympic Skeleton Bobsleigh gold medalist Amy Williams will help Guy and give him tips on how to navigate down the ‘Pista Riberal’, the 180-metre ski slope at Grandvalira in Andorra, where he will try to clinch the record.

Guy will also race a drag bike at Santa Pod raceway, to teach him to steer using his body weight alone and to help him find a way of stopping the toboggan safely, using a bespoke parachute system.

His show has already seen him set a new Commonwealth record as the fastest cyclist, ride 65m across water on a dirt bike, and become the fastest competitor in the pedal-flight Icarus Cup.

Viewers can watch his attempt to break the record this Sunday on Channel 4, at 8pm.