Guy Martin to race David Coulthard in one-off Channel 4 special

Tyco BMW S1000RR vs V8 Red Bull race car at Silverstone

GUY MARTIN will race David Coulthard at Silverstone as part of Channel 4’s campaign to launch its F1 coverage.

‘Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special’ will be broadcast on March 17 at 9pm, a week ahead of the first F1 race of the season.

In the programme, Martin will pit himself and his Tyco BMW S1000RR against David Coulthard in a V8 race car in a series of tests that will include a drag race, brake test, slalom and a full circuit race.

There will also be physical and mental tests in the pit garages.

A Facebook statement from Guy Martin’s team said:

‘Guy Martin is fascinated by Formula 1 - the cars, the engineering and the racing. Guy will go head to head with racing legend David Coulthard, pitting bike against car in a test of speed the like of which Silverstone has never seen before.

‘With David in a V8 Red Bull car (with an 11 man pit crew) and Guy on his Tyco BMW Superbike (which came with just one man - Guy's most trusted race mechanic), the pair explore each other's worlds the way they both know best; by racing in a series of head-to-head challenges including a drag race, a brake test, a slalom and a full on circuit race.

‘The adrenalin fuelled excitement of their on track competition is matched only by the entertainment of what they get up to in the pit garages as they compete in physical and mental challenges, testing their fitness and reaction times and exploring the science behind their incredible racing machines.’

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