Guy Martin hits 274mph on Bonneville Salt Flats

Road racer becomes fastest ever Triumph rider in practice for land speed record attempt

Guy Martin hits 274mph on Bonneville Salt Flats

GUY Martin has become the fastest ever Triumph rider, hitting 274.2mph on the Bonneville Salt Flats today.

The road racer piloted a 1000hp streamliner powered by two turbocharged Rocket III engines to take the record for the fastest ever Triumph early this morning.

He beat the previous official Triumph record of 245.667mph as well as the unofficial record of 264mph.

The feat was achieved during practice for a land speed record attempt, in which Martin will attempt to beat the streamlined motorcycle world record of 376.63mph – giving him some way to go yet.

After breaking the 46-year-old Triumph record today, the TV personality said: “It’s good and we are moving in the right direction, but it is just one step on the way to what me and team are here to do.”

The streamliner, called the Triumph Infor Rocket, features a carbon Kevlar monocoque construction with two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines producing a combined 1,000hp at 9,000rpm.

It’s 25.5 feet long, two feet wide and three feet tall, and powered by methanol fuel.

Guy will be riding it to compete in the streamlined motorcycle category at the salt flats in Utah, US.

Follow his progress at Triumph’s website.