GS1000 added to Suzuki Vintage Parts programme

Owners rejoice. All 10 of you.

SUZUKI has announced it’s adding the GS1000 to its Vintage Parts scheme and making nearly 1000 components available for it.

That’s got to be good news for owners, even if a quick check of the DVLA statistics on reveals that at the end of 2014 there were only 10 GS1000s on the road in this country.

Hopefully, the extra availability of spares will increase that number, since the figures show there’s an additional 43 of the machines currently SORNed.

Introduced in 1978, the GS1000 was the basis of some of the most successful race bikes of its era, with victories at Daytona, Suzuka and the Isle of Man TT.

Suzuki GB's Tim Davies said: “The GS1000 is renowned for its classic status and is still desirable today, and we're delighted to be able to add it to our Vintage Parts programme, with so many parts still available. As a result it makes maintaining or restoring one of these iconic machines even easier, with owners manuals and other parts booklets available to download for free from the Vintage Parts website too.”

Other models in the scheme include the RGV250 VJ21, GT750J-M, GSX-R750F-H, GT250EX and AP50.

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