A graveyard of classic Japanese motorcycles is up for sale!

The lot includes hundreds of classic road and dirt motorcycles that could be worth a fortune!

Motorcycle Graveyard

A classic bike graveyard has been listed as up for sale on Facebook, although you’ll need a large container as it contains over 100 motorcycles!

The advert has been posted on a classic motorcycle trading group on Facebook, asking if anyone would like to buy the entire collection of machines that have been stored in the field for what looks like a number of years.

It’s hard to pin a number on exactly how many bikes are there, they seem to go on for miles in the pictures, although to estimate we guess there are well over 100 machines shown in the pictures.

There’s everything, from Suzuki ATC 70 off-road trikes to classic, slightly crash damaged, Suzuki GXS-1100S Katanas. There are even a few examples of Suzuki’s classic two-stroke roadster the GT550 shown in what looks like repairable condition!

While the majority of bikes easily in view are Suzukis, you can also see some Honda road bikes and early sports bikes, Yamaha YZ and TY dirt and trials bikes in view, it’s a very eclectic classic motorcycle hoard, just wasting away in a field!

The post accompanying the photos was posted by Len Gold, who advises that the bikes are all for sale for just $12,500. He goes onto explain that the number attached to the advert is not his and instead goes direct to the seller

While it’s easy to dream of getting all the bikes back on the road, making each roadworthy would be a time consuming and costly exercise. Sadly, for fans of classic bike renovations, the lot of bikes would be better used as a used parts store, helping to keep classic on the road, rather than becoming road bikes themselves.

To check out the advert, click here